Our Terms & Conditions

We take a deposit to confirm all bookings payable either by cheque, credit card (using PayPal) or in cash.

Every effort will be made to accommodate your arrival and departure (luggage can usually be left with us securely if this is helpful) but generally arrival time is after 2.30pm and departure time before 10.30am. Please let us know the time you are likely to arrive.

The Stables are non smoking (although smoking outside is acceptable if an ashtray is used).

If a cancellation is made we will try to find another booking, however, if this is not possible the full amount due is payable.

The booking agreement confers a right to occupy the accommodation for the period agreed for holiday purposes only. The terms of the rent act are excluded.

We reserve the right to refuse to hand over the accommodation to anyone who, in our opinion, is not suitable to take charge of the property – in any such case all moneys shall be refunded and the Contract terminated without further liability.

We also reserve the right to terminate the Contract at any time or remove any person or persons due to unreasonable behaviour, damage to property or causing or likely to cause annoyance to us or our neighbours. Any refund will be entirely at our discretion.

We are not liable to our guests or members of our guests party for any loss or damage to any belongings of theirs or any of their visitors. Nor are we responsible for acts of negligence or wilful damage caused to the guest, any member of his/her party or visitor, by any other person(s).

Acceptance of accommodation signifies acceptance of the above terms and conditions.